Love In All Places

While I write a number of series, they are all interconnected! You see Sydney and Caleb Prescott in the O’Gallagher
books. You’ll see Asher and Porter, in a few future Douglas books (toward the end of 2017). Sydney’s brothers are the
heroes in the Loving Meadows series, and the Prescotts all belong to the Enforcers organization, so you will be seeing
them all throughout that series.

That said…I decided to put a name on the big series: LOVE IN ALL PLACES.

Each book can be read as a standalone.
Each series can be read as a standalone series.
However, you may run into characters who have, or will be getting, stories, and with that: Here is that true reading
order of all Mignon Mykel titles!

Please note that Dropping the Gloves is listed. DTG will be releasing later this spring, and in the timeline of events,
falls in the middle of the Playmaker Duet (Altercation/Holding). The remaining Loving Meadows books will also fall
there, after Dropping the Gloves, and before Holding.